Wairarapa Families Anglican Trust

The Academy apartments are owned and operated by the Wairarapa Families Anglican Trust, a non-profit charitable Trust with a history and commission of helping families and youth at risk in the Wairarapa. 

The original Academy building became an earthquake risk in 2010 and was subsequently demolished in favour of the new state of the art premises. The Trust has a vision to operate the premises as part of the longer term commission to continue to assist families and youth at risk by providing grants to service organisations working in that space.

The Trust morphed out of the Sedgley boys home that closed in 1987. 

Trustees are all Wairarapa based individuals with a range of skills and close links to the Anglican Church and activities of social service providers throughout the Wairarapa.

Enjoy the apartments in the knowledge that funds from your stay find their way to assist families and youth at risk in the Wairarapa. 



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